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Petrusjka Teater is one of Norway's oldest (and Trondheim's first) professional independent theatre groups. Tatjana Zaitzow, educated as an architect and dancer, formed the group in 1978. She still is the director of the group, makes all the puppets and set design, besides being a puppeteer and actor. Petrusjka Teater has received several national and international awards for their plays, and for their work for the acknowledgment of puppet theatre as a genuine expression of art. Petrusjka Teater's ambition is to tell a story through puppets and objects , and their greatest challenge is to give life and soul to a "dead" object. Petrusjka Teater also aim to widen the knowledge of puppet theatre, by touring all over Norway giving lessons, performances and exhibitions.

EIRIK LIE was in the years 1985-1994 Petrusjka Teater's composer, musician, light designer and technician. A CD with some of his music is available.

Petrusjka Teater
Olav Tryggvasons gate 5
N-7011 Trondheim
Tel: +47 73 51 03 26
Fax: +47 73 51 03 64

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PRODUCTIONS 1978-1994:

This web page was made in 1995 by Eirik Lie
This is not Petrusjka Teater's official web site

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