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12 Bilder

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Visible music? - Sounding images?
This CD may give you both.

Music for theatre, performances, installations, and videos 1983-1996, composed and played by:
Eirik Lie
(pronounced "A-rick Lee")

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Visuell Musikk VM-9601
Supported by Norsk Kassettavgiftsfond
Released June 1996

The Label: Visuell Musikk

(Visual Music)

"12 Bilder" is the first release from Visuell Musikk, a small, independent label set up for the distribution of non-commercial, instrumental music.

Eirik Lie has worked with music in visual contexts for many years. He has also played in rock, blues, and jazz bands. His main instrument is the guitar, but after the MIDI revolution in the mid-eighties he found it quite useful playing keyboards too. Among his main influences are such diverse artists as: Brian Eno, J.S.Bach, Erik Satie, Hank Marvin, Laurie Anderson, Nina Simone, as well as all the great black blues guitar players like Muddy Waters, B.B.King, Robert Johnson, etc.
For a more complete survey of his musical background, go to his CV page, or his band page.
A new CD is in the works, and will be released in 2005.

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The Music:

Although it was written for specific visual purposes, the music on "12 Bilder" also works in its own right, both for pure listening and for ambience.
The music varies from pure "soundscapes", not unlike some of Brian Eno's work, to more melodic material. There is even a short accordion waltz!

Some tasters from the album:

(The sound quality of these 8-bit mono 11k samples is of course inferior to the final CD)

One track, "112 Par Sko", was selected by the American Composers Forum to be included on their annual "Sonic Circuits V" compilation CD, to be released in October 1997. This CD, featuring works by composers from USA, France, Canada, England, and Norway, forms the basis of 15-20 festivals and other live events across the USA and other countries, which incorporate works for tape alone with live and video presentations. The CD is also extensively promoted to radio stations around the world to encourage greater airplay for the electro-acoustic genre. It is also available commercially on the ACF innova label (currently distributed in the USA, Canada and France). More info about the ACF can be found at

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The Tracks:

  1. Hugin & Munin (6:10)
    (from installation, Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturhus, 1994-1995, a kind of theme park based on Norse mythology)
  2. 112 Par Sko (112 pair of shoes) (6:31)
    (from installation, Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturhus, 1993, at the 100-year memorial of the big landslide in Verdal in 1893 (worst accident in Norway, with 112 people killed)
    These two installations were seen and heard by some 35000 people during the summers 1993-1995
  3. Det Var En Lørdag Aften (Saturday night) (2:52)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "Teater Dukker" (Theatre Puppets), 1989)
  4. Istapper (Icicles) (8:10)
    (from Aase-Hilde Brekke: Performance, 1995)
  5. Ensom Dame På Kafe (Lonesome lady) (2:20)
    (previously not used, 1995)
  6. Siden Tidenes Morgen.... (Dawn of times) (6:17)
    (previously not used, 1983)
  7. Tananarivo? - Atacama! (5:34)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "Teater Dukker" (Theatre Puppets), 1989)
  8. Ravner (Ravens) (6:00)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "Ravno", 1988)
  9. Ensom Sjømann Med Trekkspill (Lonesome sailor) (1:38)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "Grand Aperitif", 1992)
  10. Ensom Prins Med Gitar (Lonesome prince) (4:01)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "ERT" (The Pea), 1992)
  11. Juni (4:16)
    (from Petrusjka Teater: "Dukkemakerens Drøm" (The Puppetmaker's Dream), 1987)
  12. Dystopia (12:01)
    (previously not used, 1986)
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The Musicians:

E.L. portrait F.F. portrait All music was written by Eirik Lie,
and played by:
For a more detailed description of the instruments used, take a look at the recording notes.

Produced by Eirik Lie and Frode Fjellheim
Recorded 1983-1996
Mastered by Strype Audio
© Eirik Lie 1996

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Press Reviews:

Below is some press excerpts. You may read the reviews in full on the Reviews web page.

Opinions of some radio DJs having played "12 Bilder" in their programs:

Check out some of the radio playlists.

Some other listeners' opinions:

Some press reviews of Eirik Lie's music for the productions of Petrusjka Teater:

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To order "12 Bilder", go to our Ordering Page, or write to:

Visuell Musikk
Eirik Lie
Bjornerabben 9
N-0383 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 50 23 14

In the U.S. "12 Bilder" is handled by:
North Pacific Music
PO Box 82627
Portland, OR 97282-0627
tel: 800-757-7384,

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