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Visuell Musikk VM-9601

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All music composed, arranged, played, programmed and produced by Eirik Lie unless otherwise stated.

  1. Hugin & Munin
    For the installation "Hugin Og Munin" at Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturhus, 1994-1995, based on Norse mythology.
    a Valhall b Labyrint c Balders Gravferd

  2. 112 Par Sko
    For the installation "112 Par Sko" at Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturhus, 1993, in memory of the 112 victims of the big landslide in Verdal in 1893, one of the worst accidents ever in Norway.
    Strat was tuned down to an open G minor chord and plugged directly into the LXP1, which went straight to stereo DAT. Original ten minutes take was edited down to 6:31 for the CD version.

  3. Det Var En Lørdag Aften
    For the installation "Teater Dukker" by Petrusjka Teater, 1989.

  4. Istapper
    For a performance by Aase-Hilde Brekke, 1995.
    Axxe, JazzM, and wine glasses recorded in 1985 on Teac 4-track. In 1995 they were transferred to harddisk and the rest of the parts were overdubbed.

  5. Ensom Dame På Kafé
    Previously unused, 1995

  6. Siden Tidenes Morgen...
    Previously unused, 1983

  7. Tananarivo? - Atacama!
    For the installation "Teater Dukker" by Petrusjka Teater, 1989.
    Additional percussion programming and co-producing by Frode Fjellheim.

  8. Ravner
    For the theatre production "Ravno" by Petrusjka Teater, 1988.
    a Skogen Våkner b Ravnene Danser c Duggdråper
    Co-produced with Frode Fjellheim.

  9. Ensom Sjømann Med Trekkspill
    For the puppet play "Grand Aperitif" by Petrusjka Teater, 1992
    Played by Frode Fjellheim.

  10. Ensom Prins Med Gitar
    For the puppet play "Ert" by Petrusjka Teater, 1992.
    Co-produced with Frode Fjellheim.

  11. Juni
    For the theatre production "Dukkemakerens Drøm" by Petrusjka Teater, 1987.
    Strat guitar solo recorded in 1986 on Teac 4-track. In 1993 it was transferred to ADAT and the rest of the parts were overdubbed by Frode Fjellheim, who also co-produced.

  12. Dystopia
    For the video "Night In Dystopia" by Eirik Lie, 1996.
    Strat and Axxe recorded straight to stereo in one take.

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