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Eirik Lie

Eirik Lie (pronounced 'A-rick Lee') is musician and composer, now living in Oslo, Norway.

Portrait Plays guitar, bass guitar and keyboards. Some of the bands are:

12 Bilder cover Composed music and made sound design for theatre, performance art, installations, and exhibitions:

Some of the music is published on his CD 12 Bilder (Visuell Musikk, 1996).

masker Worked with theatre on many different levels: Musician, composer, sound designer, light designer, puppet player, stage technician, and truck driver.

Toured all over Norway, and abroad:

CX5M Yamaha CX5M from 1985 was one of the first computers for musicians. A large flop, and practically useless by today's standards, but it got me hooked on electronic music and programming.

More about the Yamaha CX5M

Eirik Lie's complete CV.

Eirik Lie
Bjornerabben 9
N-0383 Oslo

Tel: +47 22 50 23 14 Mobile: +47 90 67 18 17

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